Skin Care in Sydney

microdermabrasion sydneyWhy not complement your lash lift, tint and brow feathering with skin care treatments that provide both cleansing and rejuvenation? Féather Brow Couturé offers premium facials that will enhance the overall qualities of your skin, adding an even bigger wow factor to your newly- improved brows and lashes. Everyone wants beautiful skin but in order to maintain it, moisturisation, exfoliation and revitalisation are key. While a lash lift and feathered brow will accentuate your facial contour, a facial will get rid of those imperfections that are making you look older and replace them with smooth, vibrant skin!

The Deluxe Signature Facial

Who needs coffee when you have this facial to give you that extra rejuvenating boost? The Deluxe Signature Facial is the perfect way to start your day and address those cosmetic concerns that are making your skin look dull and weathered. You’ll begin your facial with a double cleanse and deep exfoliation, which loosens black heads and continues to prevent pore congestion in the future. Also included are gentle extractions, a hydrating mask, a vitamin or oxygen infusion and moisturiser that provides your skin with the nutrients it needs to remain tight and even-toned. If that isn’t relaxing enough already, you’ll receive a complimentary eye treatment and head massage at the end of this one-hour facial.

The Microdermabrasion Facial

If you’re up for a little intensity and beginning to notice that your skin is ageing, then the microdermabrasion facial is the right treatment for you! It’s 45 minutes long and promotes the clearer, smoother skin you’re after, using an abrasion tool that effectively exfoliates the outer layer of skin and removes the imperfections that are making you look older. Although the treatment is rough on the skin, it activates collagen production, which is what reduces fine lines, age spots and blemishes on the skin’s surface. Not only will your overall skin tone improve but you will look younger in the process. The microdermabrasion facial is known to provide an instant facelift that takes years off your appearance and keeps your skin refreshed.

Whatever facial you decide to receive, your skin will look stunning and each treatment is performed in a manner that provides complete relaxation for you. It’s a great way to relieve the pressure of the day and spoil yourself while also benefitting the look and feel of your skin tremendously. You don’t even have to stop at one! Come in and receive a facial regularly for continuous rejuvenation.

Ask about the facials offered at Féather Brow Couturé and decide which method is best for your skin. Depending on the results that you desire, either one of our facials could give you the effects that you’re looking for. You can even receive both facials during different appointments to hydrate and cleanse your skin even further. If you’re looking for more information about the skin care treatments that are offered or if you’re interested in receiving a lash lift, tint and brow feathering in Sydney, call today and schedule an appointment.