free eyebrow feathering in sydney

We all know a special woman. A woman who has a story. A woman of selflessness, courage, admiration & strength.

“Project I Care” is where you can #tag & nominate one special lady who you know would love her brows and lashes transformed, free of charge!

Her story and brow transformation will be shared to show you care, we care & I care!

Let’s uplift, inspire & share the love.

Conditions of entry:

Email me your info including the full name, age, a picture & contact details of the lady you are nominating.

Please include:

  • A description of your relationship to one another.
  • Why you have nominated her.
  • Why you feel her amazing story should be told.
  • Why you feel she would appreciate this free brow & lash transformation make over.

One amazing woman will be selected in the months of October, December, and March.

Please email info@featherbrowcouture.com.au or fill out the contact form below to enter.