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Male Treatments in Sydney

Men's Treatments at Feather Brow Couture

At Feather Brow Couture we have a treatment range specifically customised for the busy man.

It’s not just the ladies that like to indulge in regular grooming treatments to maintain their looks.

Male grooming is just as popular and is about adopting a regular routine, feeling confident, clean & tidy yet still masculine.

Male Facial Grooming Pricing

Our signature facial range are also available to both men and women, please see our skin treatments page for the right selection for you.

  • Brow Wax and Trim $40
  • Brow Wax, Tint and Trim $59
  • Beard Line Wax $45
  • Nose Wax $20
  • Lash lift/correction $100

    A lash lift & tint is a 45 minute treatment designed to lift, stretch and curl your natural lash to enhance the overall look and appearance. Some lashes naturally face downwards, straight or even criss-cross, which can make your eyes look tired. After our signature lash lift treatment, your lashes will be in one upward direction, lifted, and straightened with a slight curl to open the eye leaving you with a fresh vibrant look.

  • Microblading feathering from $600

    Fill in any gaps or scars within your brows with our signature brow treatment. The microblading feathering procedure is perfect and looks completely natural for correcting or reshaping brows. This treatment is usually done over two or more treatments and is semi-permanent. What is it you ask? Small hair strokes are delicately etched into your skin with ink to create hair strokes that were not previously there. This can correct any missing brow hairs, scares, gaps or just simply help reshape your brows to look more appealing.