What is Eyebrow Feathering?

In this day and age, eyebrows are easily one of the most important features to frame the face and you can see proof of this by imagining what your face would look like without them! They’re a prominent facial feature, whether we like it or not and because of that, so many different methods have come about that work to darken, shape and fill in your brows. However, many of these creams, gels and pomades are time-consuming and only last for 24 hours. What if you could get bold and fierce brows without all the maintenance and that lasted for one to three years depending on your skin type?

Say hello to eyebrow feathering — an advanced semi-permanent tattooing method that has become the latest craze in the search for the perfect brows. Gone are the days of uneven and thin brows or block brow tattoos. Finally, a new method has taken the industry by storm and set the standard in the brow trend worldwide. Previously an exclusive luxury for celebrities, this new brow procedure is now available to you!

How Is It Done?

Thankfully, technology has advanced and now offers the modern-day, beauty-conscious individual a better option for a fresh, natural look with a procedure that customises their brows individually and enhances them for one to three years. The ink that is used is of a natural pigment that blends in perfectly with your hair colour, creating brows that are much more attractive but subtle in their improvement.

The technique used to tattoo the brows is called microblading (or micro-pigmentation), which is also known as 3D eyebrow feathering. It is an ancient technique that uses a fine blade rather than a tattoo gun. The microblade includes a row of micro-needles that are delicately etched into the epidermal layer of the skin using natural colouring. This technique creates fine, crisp, natural-looking hair strokes within the skin. Every brow is individually designed by hand to mimic the existing brow hairs and creatively tailored to suit the client’s face.

Eyebrow Tattoo Sydney

You Are One Step Closer to Amazing Brows!

It’s best for you to come in for a consultation where you can learn whether you are a candidate for the eyebrow feathering technique. Afterwards, you will be able to discuss your cosmetic concerns as well as the desired shape and colour for your brows. Although it is a tattooing procedure, you shouldn’t experience much discomfort, especially after the numbing cream is applied. You’ll be surprised by how comfortable you feel during treatment!

You will also be given aftercare instructions once your treatment is complete and you may have to visit again for a touch-up appointment, depending on how well your skin absorbs the colouring. If you are one of the many individuals in the world who look in the mirror and see a reflection of sparse, unflattering or non-existent brows, then 3D eyebrow feathering is for you. Save time and get thicker, more defined brows and ditch your brow pencils, waxes and powders. Stressing over your brows will be a thing of the past, thanks to Féather Brow Couturé. Call today to learn more about eyebrow feathering or to schedule your appointment in Sydney!