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Lip Blush Tattoo

Lip Blush Tattoo

Lip Enhancement/ lip blush Tattoo is a subtle approach to a fuller or more defined lip using natural pigments not ink to blend and shade within or outside the natural lip line. This procedure is designed to define the lips, not to create volume or puffiness, it’s not like lip filler but works great if you combine the two if you’re after that particular fullness and look.

Lip enhancement tattoo will give you the appearance of a full lip shade since part of the process is outlining right on the border of the lip then shading toward the inner lip. This helps to give your lips the appearance that they’re fuller and more defined.

Not every lip is symmetrical either, you may want to increase your Cupid’s bow or balance the lip where they may be uneven. Whatever you’re wanting to achieve lip enhancement tattoo can give you more defined lips in a beautiful shades. All you need to do is add a lip gloss and your lips will look amazing 24/7.

On the day of the procedure, an anaesthetic cream is applied for 15 mins on the lips post consult. After you are numb, your lips will be drawn out and measured for accuracy and the colour of your choice will be shown.
The lip tattoo generally lasts between 2 to 5 years however this depends on your skin’s chemistry, active ingredients in your skincare, whitening toothpaste and excessive exposure to UV rays.

Treatment Time: 3hrs
Average heal time: 5-7 days 


7 – 10 days prior to having your Lip enhancement tattoo appointment it’s recommended to take a cold sore preventative as this will reduce the likelihood of a cold sore appearing as a result of the lips healing.

Exfoliate your lips the two weeks leading up to your appointment.

Hydrate your lips 2 weeks before with balms daily to ensure your lips are soft on the day of the procedure. 

Also, avoid alcohol and Voltaren 7 days before the treatment.

Please note: If you had any recent lip filler it’s recommended a month after your treatment before we can commence any lip tattooing.

Post Treatment

The lips will be a little tender and the pigment is most dramatic 24 to 48 hours after the initial treatment.

The skin on the lips will then start to dry and peel within 7 days.

The colour will fade 30 to 50%.

Lip Blush Tattoo Aftercare

Aftercare is minimal. Refrain from touching the area with fingertips and apply a nourishing lip balm 5 times daily for two weeks.

Avoid make up on the tattoo area for up to 7 days.

It’s also important to avoid exfoliants, oils, lipsticks and spicy foods for at least 7 days after.

A retouch appointment is recommended within 10 weeks as this ensures the colour saturation and correct any colour inconsistencies and an opportunity to make any minor adjustments if needed.