The love of your life has popped the big question and you’re ready to walk down the aisle, but wait!!! You haven’t prepped your brows for the big day. Every woman knows you’re never fully dressed without rocking a good set of brows, and you cannot attend your big day without them. For those of you who have the big day nearing closer, Brow expert Ursula Cervellone from Feather Brow Couture has all the tips and tricks to get you and your brows ready for the big day.

First things first – Your first and most important part of the brow plan is not leaving it till the last minute. Whether you are looking at growing your brows out or considering a cosmetic procedure it is vital you plan this months in advance as you will need to prepare for the growing or healing process before you tie the knot.

Grow them out – Brows can take from months up to a year to grow out, so it is important once you have decided on your big date to keep your hands and tweezers off them. Maintaining a healthy diet and staying hydrated can help the process, also try using a good serum or supplements to speed up the process.

Patience is the key to success – One of the most difficult parts of growing your brows out is that they take time, a lot of time. Waiting for you hair to grow can seem like watching a turtle walk a kilometer but I promise you they eventually will. Making sure no matter how tempted you are do not pluck or tweeze.

Make brow appointments – Once your brows have a bit of growth organising regular appointments is important to make, keep and maintain a brow. Seeing a technician every few weeks and spacing them the same time apart will help keep you right on track. Never get your eye brows waxed or plucked the day of or day before the big day, unless you want red and irritated brows. You are best having your last wax or shape 2-5 days before.

See what works for you – During the growing out period you may find you have a lot of gaps in your brows. This is a time to decide whether you want to fill in your brows or look at a procedure that is a little more permanent than a brow pencil.

Feather it – If you have decided that after you have grown your brows out there are too many gaps and you want a natural brow that takes no time at all than feathering is for you. The micro blading technique creates fine crisp natural looking hair strokes within the skin for a natural full brow.

Let it heal – Eyebrow feathering can take some time to heal and in some cases up to a month to heal, so this process should never be completed a week before your wedding. It is highly recommended to complete this process 2-3 months before the big day, and during this time you can also receive your touch ups for the perfect brows. The best part about feathering there is no filling in the gaps with pencils or waxing appointments.

The day is here – If your brows never managed to fill out how you would have liked them to, do not stress, makeup does wonders. A good brow pencil, pomade, and gel will sweep them into place quick smart, also make sure you are using good quality product that will not run and turn your perfect brows into brow puddles on your face. Last but not least you brows are not getting married, you are so enjoy your special day.