With eyebrows being an essential key to our daily makeup routine, it just another extra beauty
regime we need to do every morning when we wake up. Touching up, filling in, making sure
they are neat and fluffy has become as important as applying our foundation or mascara.

The concept of eyebrow feathering has captured the attention of many women and men and
with brows being one of the most important features to frame your face, it is understandable
why people want to invest in the procedure. It not only is extremely low maintenance, saves you
constantly buying new brow pomades, gels and pencils, it also saves so much time and can last
up to three years. So why are we not all jumping at the chance to feather our brows as it’s so
convenient? What’s stopping some of us from having it done?

Perhaps we all need a bit more education as to how it works?

One of the most frequently asked questions is does it hurt? You will be pleasantly surprised that
it is not painful. It can be a little uncomfortable but definitely bearable. Plucking is usually more a
discomfort than the procedure itself.

Eyebrow feathering is believed to be just as painful as having a tattoo. In theory, yes eyebrow
tattooing is like receiving a tattoo like procedure but it is definitely no way near as painful. The
whole procedure is done using an anaesthetic numbing cream and reapplied throughout the
treatment for your comfort.

Eyebrow feathering is an advanced semi-permanent tattooing method using a technique to
create small hair like strokes to the brows. The technique was created to mimic natural looking
eyebrow hairs and achieving a fuller brow look for those of you that have thin “gappy” or non
existent brows. The procedure is customised to each individual brow and face shape. It’s a safe
semi-permanent procedure that enhances them for up to one to three years depending on your
skin type.

The technique used to tattoo the brows is called microblading (or micro-pigmentation), which is
also known as 3D eyebrow feathering. It is an ancient technique that uses a fine blade rather
than a tattoo gun. The microblade includes a row of micro-needles that are delicately etched
into the epidermal layer of the skin using natural semi-permanent pigments.This technique
creates fine, crisp, natural-looking hair strokes within the skin. Every brow is individually
designed by hand to mimic the existing brow hairs and creatively tailored to suit the client’s face.
This technique is best for those wanting to achieve a more natural look rather than a block
tattoo. Feathering can go wrong if the hair strokes are done to close together especially in oily
skin types. Ideally you want to have the tattoo hair strokes a little more separated giving room
for movement for when they expand within the skin over time. If done to close the colour will
eventually bleed closer together and will look blurry or block colour.

As this procedure can be somewhat life changing and semi-permanent it is crucial you do your
research before you have the procedure. Trusting someone with enhancing such a prominent
facial feature can be quiet daunting so making sure your technician is well trained and correctly
certified is crucial. You should always undertake a consultation to discuss your brow shape,
expectations, colour and any concerns you may have about the treatment. Your technician
should discuss with you the details to the procedure and correct after care. One of the best
things about receiving eyebrow feathering is how pleasant the experience is and relatively pain

At Feather Brow Couture, before undertaking the procedure an eyebrow consultation will take
place with your technician who will run through the procedure. Your brows will be assessed
whether you are a candidate for the eyebrow feathering technique, then measured and drawn
on for your approval. An application of anesthetic numbing cream will be applied for your
comfort, meanwhile we discuss your current concerns colours and desired shape.

Still have questions? We’d love to chat! Please contact us on 0452 554 660 or email us at
Ursula xx